SC Johnson, parent company of SC Johnson Professional, recently announced two partnerships in the company’s continued efforts to aid in malaria abatement in Africa.

SC Johnson has entered into a new public-private partnership with the government of Kenya. The agreement calls for the government to distribute SC Johnson’s spatial repellent products to at-risk populations through its public health partners. In addition to donating the mosquito repellants, SC Johnson has invested US$1 million in End Malaria Council Kenya to develop malaria prevention education programming and build new community health clinics.

In a separate agreement, SC Johnson has teamed with Society for Family Health Rwanda and the Rwanda Ministry of Health to create a Certified Care program. This educational initiative will train and empower women in Rwanda to become officially certified Community Health Workers while also providing them with a living wage. These certified workers will serve as the frontline defense of detecting and treating malaria at a community level.

“Through the extensive time SC Johnson teams have spent in the region, living and working alongside Rwandan caregivers, it was clear to us that the caregivers deserved to be recognized for their service to the community and enabled with more resources,” said Fisk Johnson, SC Johnson CEO and chairman. “These women perform lifesaving work every day, and as we look to expand Certified Care, it’s our hope that this program, developed out of a committed partnership between SC Johnson and Society for Family Health Rwanda, can create an example for other governments and partners to scale and help make a truly lasting impact across the world.”

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