Cleaning a commercial kitchen involves several steps and the use of specific products to ensure a thorough and effective cleaning process. It is an extremely important task to ensure the health of those you serve, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are some baseline suggestions for cleaning a commercial kitchen. Remember, these are general guidelines and it’s important to always reference health authorities’ guidelines over these directions.

  1. Surface Cleaning: Begin by cleaning all surfaces including countertops, stoves, and preparation areas. For this, you can use the “Spartan Clean by Peroxy All Purpose Cleaner,” which is effective for removing everyday soils and greasy residues. This cleaner is environmentally responsible and suitable for a variety of surfaces.
  2. Protein Stains Removal: For areas with protein stains, such as meat preparation areas, use the “Spartan Peroxy Protein Remover Cleaner Whitener.” It’s designed to remove protein stains effectively.*
  3. Heavy-Duty Cleaning: For tougher cleaning tasks, especially on greasy equipment and surfaces, use the “Spartan Green Solutions Industrial Cleaner.” This non-toxic, heavy-duty cleaner is also environmentally friendly.
  4. Multi-Surface Cleaning: To clean a variety of surfaces, including finished floors, the “Spartan Clean on the Go Multi Surface Cleaner” is a good choice. It penetrates and emulsifies greasy soils efficiently.*
  5. Degreasing: For heavy grease and oil build-ups, the “Spartan SNB-130 Degreaser” provides a strong solution. It is especially effective on industrial-grade grease and oil stains.
  1. Oven and Grill Cleaning: The “Spartan Oven & Grill Cleaner RTU Handi Spray” is specifically designed to remove baked-on carbon and grease from ovens, grills, drip pans, hoods, and rotisseries. It’s lemon-scented and works on both hot and cold surfaces.

Remember, these suggestions are baseline recommendations for cleaning a commercial kitchen. It’s crucial to always follow the specific guidelines and regulations set by health authorities in your area. We are repeating ourselves here, but it’s an important point to emphasize. Each kitchen may have unique requirements and standards that need to be met. Also, ensure that all cleaning products are used according to their instructions for safety and effectiveness. Always wear skin and face protection when using cleaning chemicals.

*Note, the Clean on the Go solutions require a dispensing system. For easy dilution without installing a permanent system, use: Spartan PDS Portable Dispenser


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