April 24, 2023

NaceCare Extends Warranty on NX300 Pro Battery to Four Years*

Effective immediately the NaceCare Solutions NX300 Pro Battery warranty has been extended from 2 years to 4 years*. This includes any batteries that have been sold since January 1, 2023.

NaceCare Solutions launched the NX300 Pro Battery with a projected life of up to 2500 life cycles. It was designed to power the first NX product, the RBV 150NX Backpack, and now it can be used in the growing NX Network of equipment, including the 244NX, RBV 150NX, 516NX, NBV 240NX, and the NBV 290NX.

With the NX300 battery in use for over 2 years, NaceCare’s confidence has grown and the warranty will be extended to four years.* “Over 2,500 life cycles, can in most accounts, equate to 10 years of daily use. We feel so confident in the life of the battery that we’re extending its warranty from 2 to 4 years.”, said Gareth Mason, President of NaceCare Solutions.”

This fast charging, one fits all connectivity battery, used in several vacuums and scrubbers, represents the next generation in battery performance. It is convenient, safer, and reduces battery inventory because a single battery can power multiple products and has a longer life. With its innovative 30-cell battery design, it extends run times, recharges to 80% in just one hour and is ready to go for every product in the NX300 range.

Using the NX300 Pro Battery and its network of equipment will save time, money and assist in meeting sustainability goals.

*pro-rata based on NaceCare’s standard warranty terms

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