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The Sanico Advantage

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The Value of Clean


Winter is here. Get your Ice Melter before it’s too late!

What makes our Ice Melter better than the rest? Combining the highest levels of protection and affordability
Designed for commercial and residential customers concerned with protecting assets and vegetation, Premiere Ice Melter delivers anti-corrosion power in a more economical form.

  • Effective to -8°F (-22°C)
  • Patented formula with Pro-Tec Plus® and CMA®
  • Contain vegetation enhancers and protectors
  • Virtually non-corrosive to metal and concrete
  • Safer for people, animals and vegetation*
  • NSF approved, non-toxic

*When used as directed


Call 1-800-333-2635 now to order.

The Sanico System offers healthier environments, better hygiene and sanitation practices through proper sanitary maintenance program implementation.

Sanisource is a comprehensive sanitary maintenance program that systematizes the products, procedures & equipment to effectively maintain a clean, healthy, prosperous environment.

Green Solutions is a concentrated effort to provide safer, effective products for our environment and the people who use them!

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